The Abiding Generosity of Women

Dickinson County 100+ Women Who Care
The fairer gender in Borderland as well as women around the world are exceedingly benevolent souls; they are people who genuinely and generously support worthwhile causes. The Dickinson County chapter of 100+ Women Who Care demonstrates an unceasing commitment to the community four times a year when its members open their pocketbooks for organizations in need. (The local group’s name has become somewhat of a misnomer as their membership has soared to over 500). At the most recent gathering in August, some $23,000 went to Norway’s Grace United Methodist Missions. The money will go towards the Community Food Pantry, the Coat Closet, the Good Samaritan Fund and other Grace United programs. The Dickinson County 100+ Women Who Care have raised and donated more than $300,000 to local organizations and non-profit charities since it started in 2012.

Bustenhalter News, Part 1

Another Borderland women’s group is the local chapter of Bras for a Cause. It, too, is a sterling example of magnanimous women at work, selflessly fighting the good fight to end breast cancer. They will hold their eighth annual Bras for Cause fundraising program on November 5 at the Pine Grove Country Club, sponsored by the Iron Mountain-Kingsford Credit Union. Featured will be creative bras – some cute, some hilarious – all colorful. It will be a great time for a great cause.

Bustenhalter News, Part 2

In July, 2016, we went on our Great Mollusk & Crustacean Hunt, feasting on incredibly delectable gifts from the North Atlantic: lobster, scallops, lobster, crab, lobster, whole belly clams, lobster, mussels, etc. Our travels took us along the Maine coast and to the Canadian Maritimes. We visited Acadia National Park and the once quaint town of Bar Harbor (it’s crowded). Situated on Main Street, Bar Harbor, is a lingerie store called – what else – Bra Harbor.

A Final Note on the Stronger Gender.

Women are not only caring, generous souls, but frequently fill the role of benefactress to the males, especially to those wimpy, weasel-like guys in their lives. In a recent Boston Globe article on gender equality in the workplace, including the historic and long established male-dominated views on the subject, the authors wrote: Even Henry David Thoreau, that paragon of masculine independence and self-reliance, had his mother do his laundry.

– Terry O’Connor

Creativity is Everywhere

Art is truly, universally found all around our world, in every imaginable place, on every continent. Here in Borderland, our newest gallery is located at Frame U.P. & Art Supplies at 809 Carpenter Ave. in Iron Mountain (in the Hairlines Building). Karen Kunesh, a long-time employee of Stevens Decorating & Framing, purchased the business from Joe Stevens this year and moved the store a few blocks away. With considerably more space, she added a gallery. The exhibits include works of around a dozen local and regional artists, many of whom are Borderland Arts members. Additionally, there are regular creative classes at Frame U.P; some students’ art works are also exhibited in the gallery.

Antarctica penguins


Now, I can hear some readers murmuring – with righteous indignation – something like “You said art is on every continent. Antarctica is an uninhabited continent. So there.”
Well, you may be surprised to learn that one of the biggest events in contemporary art will be taking place on that sprawling, frozen wasteland unpopulated by humans that we know as the seventh continent, Antarctica. The viewing audience will be limited for sure, but there are research stations and other scientific facilities whose employees will welcome the 2016 Antarctic Biennale. Initiated by a curator from Venice and Russian artist Alexander Ponomarev, the show will be held aboard research ships. Over 100 artists are expected to display environmentally friendly pieces that are portable and stand up to the harsh weather conditions. At each stop, artists will make and display objects, installations and performances. This show is planned to take place every two years with the aim to present itself as a “floating laboratory of ideas about humanity”.

– Terry O’Connor