Borderland Minutes – February 2018

Borderland Arts Monthly Meeting – February 1, 2018

Bay College


Christine Burns, Phyllis Carlson, Terri Doepker, Elizabeth Early, Jeff Gurchinoff, David Heritsch, Kathy Kuczek, Barbara Marden, Justine Metras, Terry O’Connor, Lori June Houle Pascador, Cyndi Safstrom, Sharon Schmeltzer, Mary Beth Schuiteman, Darlene Strand

Meeting was called to order at 6:10 p.m.

Kathy reported that the current balance of the Borderland Arts treasury is $2,575.00.

The minutes of the January meeting were read and accepted. Barb will send the minutes to Kathy, who will post them on the website.

The tentative yearly calendar that was put together by Darlene is now posted on the Borderland Arts website calendar page. Click on the purple 2018 image on the calendar page to view it.

Jeff still wants to talk to Jesse Land about linking our page to his Facebook page or posting on his page. He no longer updates his page, but we might be able to revitalize it by providing updates to our events. Sharon knows a woman who has a page called “Exploring the North.” Sharon will check with her to see if she can provide a link to our site.

Jeff talked to owners of the new organic coffee shop. They have had a lot of delays and probably will not be open until June. Jeff did not think this is necessarily a bad thing, since the two galleries we have going on now may be as much as we can handle.

Jeff advised that Art for All has given us space inside the pavilion this year, which is a better than setup last year. Kathy can go ahead and send the check. We will have room for whatever size art members want to do.

He also informed members that Karen from Frame U.P. has an oval mat cutter she is giving away. Anyone interested should be aware that it takes a while to learn how to use it.

Jeff got an e-mail from the Marquette library about a show coming up in March. The deadline to submit is February 16. Works submitted should be some kind of representation of overcoming hate with love.

As far as the galleries are concerned, we could help out Greenway by getting more people into the store. If we rotate our stuff out, maybe we can freshen up both spaces. Comments were made about the fact that she has no heat, which may be a deterrent. Savage Mane is doing well. We need to provide some more work. There is room for about 3-4 more paintings.

Still need to redesign the standard display cards. Sometimes Bay College sells computers cheaply. Jeff thought it might make sense to have a computer and printer at each location so members could print them right on site. Will continue to discuss.

Darlene said that Melisse has been talking to Janine Granger of the U.P. Poetry group. In the past, we have done events where we draw something inspired from the reading of a poem. They would be interested in reading poetry for us to use our sketchbooks. Would we consider doing this as an after-meeting event. Members seemed to be interested in that idea. Month after next would be preferable when hopefully the weather is better.

Barb spoke with Stephanie at the Florence Library. The same time slot was available in 2018 as last year. Exhibit is tentatively scheduled for April 10 (which is a Tuesday) through May 31 (which is a Thursday). Stephanie suggested April 21, which is a Saturday) as a good day for an artist’s reception. This is an opportunity for members to sell works with no commission. Barb will post on Facebook to determine how many will participate and who can help with setup.

Mary Beth asked if anyone knew of a local art therapist. She was approached to do art therapy. Asking whether it was appropriate not being formally trained.

For show and tell, Barb passed around her latest art journaling efforts.

Meeting ended at 6:45

Submitted by Barbara Marden, Secretary

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