Borderland Minutes – January 2018

Borderland Arts Monthly Meeting – January 4, 2018

Dickinson County Library


Elizabeth Early, Jeff Gurchinoff, Lori Houle-Pascador, Kathy Kuczek, Barbara Marden, Justine Metras, Terry O’Connor, Cyndi Safstrom, Darlene Strand

Meeting was Called to order at 6:10

Barb Marden read the minutes from December 7th. No additions or corrections were made. The group had a discussion about posting the minutes on the Facebook page and members attending were in favor.

Jeff opened the meeting with a Happy New Year’s welcome to Borderland Arts members. He went on to cover a few additional items.

Karen from Frame UP donated 10 easels to Borderland Arts that we can use for exhibits and in galleries. Jeff recommended that we pay her something for them. The members in attendance agreed to send her $150 as a thank you gift. Darlene moved, and Terry seconded. All were in favor.

Jeff talked with the new owner of downtown plaza, who has Facebook page about things to do in the UP with 75,000 followers. Jeff explored the possibility of having someone link our page to that page so we could reach more people. The new owner asked if we could provide art for the building, however the identified area is not protected and would not be good for an exhibit that would not be attended. Jeff suggested he might consider commissioning a local artist to provide something for the space.

Jeff is waiting for Ryan to get back to him about a display at Bay College. However, Ryan is not interested in being responsible for coordinating exhibits, it is not likely that there will be a display there this year.

Darlene passed around Boniface catalog. Members get a discount on classes and access to the members’ show. She also passed along information from Lake Superior State University about a 5 x7 art competition. First prize is $300, but members should note that the art becomes LSSU’s property if entered, as the University sells them to benefit the school. Gail won the first prize last year. Darlene has brochures available for those who are interested.

Melisse had asked for a yearly calendar. Darlene created a tentative calendar based on calendars from previous years and posted it on the Facebook page.

Jeff thanked everyone who helped with the art class held for people with Parkinson’s disease. Jeff did some reading about how painting is therapeutic for them; focusing on specific tasks seems to make the tremors subside. Jeff thinks it would be good to do another session with this group. Terry indicated an interest in helping the next time a session is scheduled.

Terry and Kathy met to work some things out on the website and everything is working out great. Jeff says the website is improving rapidly and is looking very cool.

Jeff shared that Greenway would like some help with getting people in to look at art. One thing we are already doing is printing the gallery locations on the back of the monthly Borderland Arts calendar. Since the calendar is available at the tourist’s center and tourists always want to know where the galleries are, she is grateful for that help.

Members commented that they really liked the ornament exchange we did at the holiday dinner and thanked Elizabeth for coordinating that activity.

Next, members had “show and tell” about projects being worked on. Terry shared a portrait he had done of Darlene. Barb shared a small decoupage chest that she had made and a journal page spread she did in memory of her mom who passed away in December. Members shared some remembrances of family members who had recently passed away. Justine told the group about her father’s talent as a woodworker and passed around a bowl he had made by hand.

Finally, we discussed some other techniques we could do following future meetings. Barb brought some sample acrylic pour paintings and we agreed to try that technique at the February meeting.

Business meeting ended at 7:08. Afterward, those who wanted to sketched the still life arrangement that was set up from items members brought.

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