Borderland Minutes – April 2018

Borderland Arts Monthly Meeting – April 5, 2018 – Bay College

Attendees: Sharon Antonissen, Melisse Carr, Sandra Duncan, Genean Granger, Jeff Gurchinoff, Stella Hanson, Kathy Kuczek, Jane Landwehr, Barbara Marden, Terry O’Connor, Cyndi Safstrom, Sharon Schmeltzer, Gail Stanek, Darlene Strand, Gina Wollner (Bay College)

Meeting was called to order at 6:05

Jeff introduced Gina Wollner, who is the new person at the college in charge of community education.  As posted on the Facebook page, she is offering a few classes in this summer and is looking for teachers.  Her goal is to support businesses with non-credit training options and also would like to provide some personal enrichment programs as well.  The challenge is finding good instructors.  Right now, she has three different opportunities and wanted to check with Borderlands Arts members to see if there is any interest in teaching any of these classes.  The college is not looking to make a lot of money on these classes; they just want to offer a service.  Teachers will be paid assuming depending on their experience and the class enrollment.  Gina will work with the teacher on providing supplies and the cost of supplies would be rolled into the class fee.  For this first round, she is trying to target snowbird crowd.   However, she could also possibly do an evening class later in the year. 

Jeff also introduced the new owner of the equipment previously owned by Frame UP, Sharon Antonisson.  Sharon is a potter who lives in Niagara.  She also works in oils, watercolor, & pastel.  Her philosophy is to inspire people to use their creativity to enhance their own lives, and she believes Iron Mountain is growing as an art community.  She is currently the proprietor of Farmaid Gallery and Gifts.  They are open Wednesday through Saturday, 10-6.  She has already started doing some matting and framing work.  She will soon be going to a framing workshop to gain some additional skills.  Jeff extended Sharon an invitation to join Borderland Arts and that we could help publicize her business.

Plug for Association of Student Artists provides a lot of help for students.  No one at MYAD had assistance like that.

After these introductions, Barb read the minutes of the last meeting.  Minutes were accepted with one correction.

Kathy reported that there was $2,392.00 in the treasury.

Since there were some visitors, we went around the room and introduced ourselves. 

Darlene and Terry recently traveled to Arizona and had a purchased a gift for Genean, which she presented.

Jeff is still working with Jesse on linking the Borderland arts site to his page.  He has been waiting to find out if Mia wants create an interactive map showing her murals and if we could add the mini-gallery locations.  He was hoping Mia’s IT person would be able to help us with this.

Jeff mentioned that the label document is posted on Facebook.  If anyone wants to take a stab at making them bigger, he said please go ahead.

We need to rotate some art in our mini-galleries.  Jeff suggested that we a day to set up a new display.  Jane at Greenway just opened a new family center in the basement.  There is space for prints and 3D art at Greenway … there is really only room for originals in Savage Mane. 

Barb advised that everything is ready for the Florence show setup on Tuesday, April 10.  We would be setting up between 1:00 and 3:00 and anyone who is available to help set up can come by during that time.  The artist’s reception at the library will be held on Saturday, April 21 between 10:00 and 12:00.  She also said that she would submit press releases to the Daily News and the Florence Mining News to publicize the exhibit and the reception and also put some flyers around in local businesses and community centers.

Jeff told us that art for all is coming and passed around a flyer.  We’ll have to find out who wants to participate in Art for All.   We will be in the big pavilion this year.

Adjourned the business meeting at 6:50 and proceeded to poetry program.  National poetry month started 4/1.

Submitted by Barb Marden, Secretary


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