Borderland Minutes – December 2018

Attendees: Christine Burns, Melisse Carr, Miriam Edwards (guest), Gail Galotta (guest), Jeff Gurchinoff, Stella Hanson, Christine Kionka, Kathy Kuczek, Jane Landwehr, Barb Marden, Terry O’Connor, Cyndi Safstrom, Sharon Schmeltzer, Audrey Smith, Darlene Strand

Meeting at Bay College was called to order at 6:00

Currently treasury balance: $2,378.00

New business:

Melisse explained how the poetry exchange program works. We will now get some specific poems by the Marquette poets to react to visually.

Gail Galotta read her poem, Symphony in Reverie.

Proposing March meeting to reconvene and share the work that we have done between now and then reacting to the poem we have selected.

We put out the music themed work members created to share with the group.

Christine Burns kindly took photographs of each piece and will send the photographs directly to Janeen Rastall with a copy to the artists.

Old business:

Audrey mentioned the Nutcracker Ballet taking place at the Braumart over the upcoming weekend. Elizabeth’s daughter is Snow Queen. Miriam’s granddaughter is Clara. The Christmas Letters program (written by Gail Galotta) will take place at the Braumart a week from Sunday.

Jeff will talk with Organic Grounds coffee about development of our gallery in January. Once that is established, the work currently at Greenway is expected to move there.

Greenway books will become a student gallery. Community center meeting will be the 14th of December. Jeff intends to ask student empowerment teams to reach out to student artists.

Greenway’s furnace has been fixed; however, she could use some help covering some previous bills involved in temporary heating while the furnace was inoperable. Jeff asked the group if we would consider a donation for Greenway because of their efforts on behalf of the community. Melisse made a motion for a $100 donation. Barb seconded. Borderland Arts will donate $100 to Greenway.

We will also go forward with a small gallery space at the Braumart. Group agreed to paying full 30% commission at Braumart to help contribute to funding the theater. Darlene made a motion to spend up to $250 on a rack system for this gallery space and possibly some of our other galleries. Kathy seconded. We would like to get some new art to put in this space.

Jeff said if anyone wants to participate in the Christmas walk, contact Liz Douglas.

Darlene mentioned that Genean Granger hasn’t been well. Her book of poetry has been published. A book signing is planned at the library a week from Saturday. Books are $15.00. She is at home in hospice.

Darlene reminded members that dues are often up in January. Kathy reminds people when their dues are up.

Terry called dibs on the poem entitled Playlist.

The next meeting will take place on January 3, 2019 and will be held at Maple Creek.

Barbara Marden

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