Borderland Minutes – July 2018

Attendees:  Melisse Carr, Kathy Kuczek, Jane Landwehr, Barbara Marden, Cyndi Safstrom, Joe Santi, Darlene Strand, Carol Zechlin

Meeting was called to order at 6:05 p.m. at Dickinson County Library.

Minutes from the June meeting were read and accepted.

Treasury balance is currently $2,348.00.

Old business:

Darlene passed the Borderland Arts calendars for July to the group and also shared that she distributed 50 calendars at the most recent Out to Lunch event in downtown Iron Mountain.

Melisse mentioned that she had a follow-up from Marquette Poet’s event.  We have been invited to participate in an art and poetry exchange with the group this Fall.  We would be sharing art with them to inspire poetry.  If you are interested in participating, over the next few months, give some thought about what you might want to submit to this exchange.  Jane suggested we might want to come up with a booklet at the end.

Joe shared that we had a nice show at Art for All this year.  His concern is that we have a lot of artists in Borderland and only a few included pieces in our exhibit.  We need to figure out how to encourage more participation in the event.  We committed to doing a better job with communicating and encouraging participation in the event next year.

We had one new person join at Art for All and another person who made an inquiry and will pursue signing up online.

Plan in May for Art for All.  Firm up arrangements in June.

New business:

Kate from Bonifas reached out to Darlene and Kathy requesting support for their Arts Organization Award for their Northern Exposure Exhibit.  Support requested is $50.  The group was in agreement with continuing to support this activity.  Darlene made a motion to make the donation.  Jane seconded the motion.  Kathy will write the check.

Following the meeting, Carol Zechlin shared some of her work with the group.

Next meeting is on August 2, 6:00 pm at Dickinson County Library.


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