Borderland Minutes – May 2018

Borderland Arts Monthly Meeting – May 3, 2018 – Bay College

Attendees:  Phyllis Carlson, Melisse Carr, Shelly Danielson, Genean Granger, Jeff Gurchinoff, Stella Hanson, Kathy Kuczek, Jane Landwehr, Phyllis Lucas, Barbara Marden, Terry O’Connor, Joe Santi, Cyndi Safstrom, Sharon Schmeltzer, Darlene Strand, Carol Zechlin

Meeting was called to order at 6:50 following the end-of-term student art reception.

Jeff shared that Borderland Arts is rolling right along.  We are currently applying for $250 from DACF.  We will be applying for another grant for rack system with cabling to be installed at mini-galleries and allow us to rearrange the art a lot faster. Jeff talked to Jane and Elizabeth and both are on board.  We will contact the organic coffee shop as well when the time comes. 

Jeff has been volunteered to work on community center/Children’s Museum in Iron Mountain.  120 people are working on the committee.  Once the community center is established, could also install mini-gallery there.  This will be a 501©3 who will be willing to sponsor us so we can get more substantial grants.   Barb Reisner would be our fiduciary so we could get upwards of $3000 from DACF. 

Florence library show is going well.  We will be removing the pieces on Friday, May 18.  Kathy has purchased 16 tabletop easels for Borderland Arts that we can use to display members’ artwork where appropriate so we won’t have to scrounge up easels for events.

We are preparing for the Memorial Day event at Elizabeth Douglas’s place in Manistique.  Dave is providing a tent.  Kathy has 2 grid wills she can loan us.  Jeff wanted to know who would be going to Manistique.  Melisse is able to go.  Jeff will go down there next week. 

The Power of Words project is moving along.  Will put out within the next 7 days.  The Manistique word will be revealed on Tuesday.  There will be a Facebook post and an article in newspaper.  Jeff gave it to art class and had students make 8.5×11 letters.  Students will reveal letters in order. 

Mia is still looking for local artists who want to help paint the mural.  There will be three Iron Mountain projects with a potential fourth.  Painting will occur during the entire month of June.  Mia will pay for painting time.  Jeff has applications.

Darlene shared that Kathy doing a fantastic job on website.

Will have to relocate our meeting during the summer.  Dickinson County Library is possible and Greenway is another possibility when it is completed.  Barb will call the library about our June meeting.

Sharon said there is a series called Civilizations about how art and religion influences our societies.  Next episode is about when cultures clash.  It takes place on channel 13 at 7pm on Tuesdays.  Also, National Geographic is doing a series on Picasso. 

We are looking for project ideas for the next meeting.  A suggestion was made to get Chris Kionka to do an altered book lesson.  After the meeting, at Kathy’s suggestion, we decided that we will have an informal Zentangle workshop at the next meeting.  Member show and tell is also an option for a future meeting.

Submitted by Barb Marden

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