Borderland Minutes – May 2019

Attendees: 10 members present

Meeting at Bay College called to order at 6:20 pm.

Kathy Kuczek read the financial report.

Members introduced themselves to a new a new member: Ed Wills of Milwaukee.

Members agreed to recess for the “summer”, until September 5.

Jane Landwehr agreed to represent artists exhibiting at Savage Mane and Greenway Books. Melisse Carr agreed to represent artists exhibiting at the Braumart. Email will be used to announce dates/times for changing artwork. Kathy Kuczek will make the address list available for Jane and Melisse to contact via email.

Kathy Kuczek’s work will be showcased at the Bonifas Fine Arts Center, Escanaba, June 25 – July 23.

Joe Santi asked if everyone can encourage others to show at Art for All. Note to Barb…how can we best do this?

Kathy Kuczek enjoyed the collaboration project and wants to encourage another group-style project. Kathy challenged everyone to a drawing, painting, sculpture, etc that follows the theme of wildlife…bring what you produce to the next regular meeting, Sept. 5.

Show and tell followed. Artwork for the collaboration was collected by Melisse. A group photo was taken for the newspaper to announce the collaboration.

Submitted by:

Melisse Carr

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