Borderland Minutes – November 2018

Attendees: Melisse Carr, Kathy Clawson (906 Quilting), Ken Clawson, Jeff Gurchinoff, Kathy Kuczek, Jane Landwehr, Barb Marden, Cyndi Safstrom, Darlene Strand

Meeting at Bay College was called to order at 6:00.

Treasurer’s Report: Current treasury balance is $2004.66

Old business:

Darlene passed around the November calendar.

Jinx Brew from the Braumart Theater is interested in pursuing setting up a Borderland Arts gallery in the front foyer area between the entrance and the theater. She would like to get a hanging rack system and would be willing to act as our fiduciary to request funds for her space as well as for some of our other galleries at the same time. Tamara Jewell has mini funds that we could request for each one.  Once set up, Jinx would be willing to host a reception.

Organic Grounds is still excited about the possibility of a mini-gallery. Jeff is waiting to talk to the owner. Assuming we can get a rack system for them, we decided we should probably wait until it is installed. That would also give us some time to create more art to fill the gallery.  We will work with Tamara first to see if we can get money.

The gallery at Savage Mane has been swapped out to reflect the season. Liz will also be offering Borderland members the opportunity to set up their work in her upstairs space for Girls Night Out on November 15. Melisse, Darlene, and Jane (and maybe Cyndi) will be exhibiting. Barb will bring over banner and easels.

We ultimately plan to transition Greenway Books to a student art gallery and move that collection to Organic Grounds once that space is ready and the rack system is set up. Darlene wondered if we could start a Go-Fund-Me page or try to get another grant so we can help fund a new furnace for Jane. Jeff says there is a funding effort underway. It was also mentioned that we could donate our discount (the credit you receive for donating books) to her teacher fund if you don’t want to buy books at that time.

There will be a Meet the Heroes pancake breakfast to benefit the future community center. It will be in the space across from the school in the building where the center will be. Jeff will be there and Darlene will be Borderland’s hero. Pancakes, ham, coffee and juice will be $5.00.

In December we will commence our project with the Marquette poets on the theme of music. Members who are participating should bring either the original piece with a tag noting its title and inspiration.

At this point we concluded the business meeting and proceeded to the quilt demonstration from 906 Quilting.

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Barb Marden



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