Borderland Minutes – October 2019

Attendees: Sharon Antonissen, Monica Fohn, Jeff Gurchinoff, Dave Heritsch, Pam Heritsch, Kathy Kuczek, Jane Landwehr, Barb Marden, Cyndi Safstrom, Darlene Strand, Terry O’Connor.

Meeting called to order at 5:50 pm.

Jeff brought animal silhouette cut-outs and asked anyone who was interesting in painting them to take the silhouettes they would like to work on.

Set-up for the annual art show at the Jake Menghini Museum on Thursday, October 10 at 1:30 pm. Pieces will be available for pickup.

Darlene passed out the October calendar. This will be the last calendar Darlene and Terry will produce due to lower demand than in the past. Jeff thanked Darlene and Terry for all their years of work on our calendar and newsletter previously. Jeff wondered if we should consider posting more links on our website in the future and also encouraged members to use the galleries on the website to market their work.

Darlene shared a note from Melisse about artists participating in the Third Thursday event at the Braumart. It could be a demonstration or just talking to any visitors about Borderland Arts and showing them the mini-gallery at the Braumart. Barb said she will take next Thursday. Darlene will participate in November and Dave and Pam will handle December.

Since we will no longer have the calendars, Darlene passed out our flyer we could perhaps use in its place. She asked members to take a look at the flyer and advise her of any corrections at our next meeting.

We have not had a lot of sales at current mini-galleries. Jane has not yet been able to contact Liz at Savage Mane to find out if that relationship will continue. Dave should be able to stop in a see Liz. Coffee shops have shown mild enthusiasm, but have made no commitments. Dave also offered his studio as gallery space for anyone who is interested. He has a regular garden walk and has signs in Amberg and will have new ones in Pembine and Iron Mountain.

Darlene also asked if folks had heard about Mia Tavenotti’s recent accident. She sustained significant injuries from falling off a scaffolding.

Our next meeting is expected to be at Bay College, although there may be a possibility that Jeff can arrange for us to meet at the Children’s Museum. Check the website before the meeting for information regarding our meeting location for November.

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Barb Marden


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