Borderland Minutes – September 2019

Attendees: Sharon Antonissen, Daniel Bal, Phyllis Carlson, Jeff Gurchinoff, Dave Heritsch, Pam Heritsch, Kathy Kuczek, Jane Landwehr, Barb Marden, Cyndi Safstrom, Darlene Strand, Terri Doepker.

Meeting at Bay College called to order at 6:08 pm.

Darlene passed out the September Calendar. She asked for ideas about what to publicize on the back of the calendar in October. It was decided that we will mention the Menghini show and perhaps the exhibit that is at the Braumart. Darlene and Terry picked up an unusually large amount (70) of unused August calendars. Usually they get zero back. They will decrease the amount they reproduce in October and are hoping that this was just a fluke; however, they have been doing the calendar for many years and are getting burned out. Jeff will bring this up with the community center volunteers to see if there is someone who is interested in taking this over.

Darlene shared a note from Melisse Carr about our collaboration with the Marquette Poetry Circle and specifically about the reception at the Peter White Library. The link to the collaboration website is on the Borderland Arts website in the related blog post.

Plans are being made to revisit the exhibit at Bay College next year and there will likely be an opportunity to add new work to the exhibit. Chris Granger has made arrangements with the college for this to take place and was looking at February for the reception; however, she will not be in town until February 9, which is after our February meeting. Jeff suggested the March meeting as reception date. Jeff will talk to Ryan about any conflicts with the student show. Between now and then, we would expect to begin another collaboration with the poets.

Darlene highlighted a couple events:

Christine Saari invited Borderlands members to see her show at the Bonifas, Telling Stories Through Words and Images. The exhibit started today and will run through October 22. A reception will take place on October 3.

Barb Marden plans to offer a journaling workshop at the Crystal Falls Contemporary Center; however, it is possible the workshop will change to incorporate some art journaling techniques as well.

Watch for an opportunity to submit work for an upcoming fiber arts show at the Bonifas called Fabrications. The application should be available in October.

Jeff gave us an update on the children’s museum. They are creating a small replica of Iron Mountain showing the different businesses and how they interact with each other. The museum is expecting to open on December 29. Various businesses are donating time and material for construction. Connor Sport Flooring is going to install the floor of the inspiration factory. They will have a hydroponic garden in the walkway with a farm model. That will generate produce for a farmer’s market. There will also be a Humane society where kids can adopt stuffed animals.

Another feature of the museum will be animal silhouettes that can be put various places for kids to find. Jeff asked if the Borderland Arts community was interested in painting the actual size silhouette shapes in a realistic fashion. Sharon said she has wood she would be able to donate. Dan offered to cut the silhouettes out and bring them to the next meeting. We’ll be able take them home to work with them.

Sharon recently spoke to Rachel Eggleseer, who is interested in establishing an art gallery into the building that houses ReMax in Florence. ReMax employees would collect money and take a commission.   There was some concern about managing a gallery in Florence, so we will want to consider further. However, if an individual or combination of members wants to jump on it, they are welcome to go ahead. We will advertise to the Borderland e-mail list. Sharon will write something up and send to Darlene to distribution.

Jinx wants to have a reception for artists at the Braumart. Jeff would also like to get a couple other venues up and running so people could also walk to the other galleries. We are not sure if Savage Mane still has an interest in maintaining a gallery. Contrast Coffee and Organic Grounds are still both a possibility, but we don’t yet have any firm arrangements. We should ultimately have some space at the Children’s Museum for a small gallery. There is also a new store moving in on Hughitt. There is a possibility that he might want art, but no one has met the owner yet.

Barb agreed to handle coordinating the Menghini show again this year.

Our next meeting on October 3rd will be at Dave and Pam Heritsch’s studio in Dunbar. It takes about 40 minutes to get there from Iron Mountain. We’ll have the opportunity to create our own metal flower sculpture which they will help us put together. Jeff thought we might want to start earlier than our normal meeting since it is getting darker and it might be harder to find in the dark. We will send out an e-mail to members informing them about the alternate location and asking for an RSVP to Barb. Dave will send Barb a map.

Jeff encouraged members to mention Borderland Arts to those who they think would be interested.

Following the business portion of the meeting, members shared their artwork related to our Summer theme: Wildlife.

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Barbara Marden

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