Menghini Museum Art Show

The Annual Art Show held at Menghini Museum during the Leif Erikson Festival continues to impress. This show is growing in both the number of artists represented and the attendance. The first year of the show there were 20 artists, this year there were 46 and over 150 items on display! Some of the groups at this years 4th Annual Art Show were Borderland Arts, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College painting class, Les’ Artistes, and Through the Lens Photo Club.

This year featured the talents of Crystal Hogan singing, Roger Eklund playing his banjo with old favorites, and Kathy Falls entertained us with the soothing sound of her dulcimer.

Thank you to all the artists who participated and also to the people that came out to support the show. Here is just a small sample of what was on display.

Rod Building and Graphite drawings of Jeff Gurchinoff
NWTC Student Art
Just Friends Painting Group with Ginger Seat
Borderland Arts Metal Pumpkin Sculpture and Bark Carvings
Borderland Art on Display in the Dining Room
Photography Group
Les’ Artists Group in the Kitchen
Borderland Art display
Borderland display – living room

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