New exhibit at the Braumart

Borderland Arts has a new show at the Braumart in Iron Mountain, MI. Exhibitors include the following artists: Sharon Antonissen, Christina Baal, Christine Burns, Jeff Gurchinoff, Stella Hansen, David Heritsch, Kathy Kuczek, Erin Lehnert, Hannah Linsmeijer, and Joe Santi. There is a variety of media including ceramic, wood, fibers, pen and ink, watercolor, oil, acrylic and photography. The work can be seen as soon as Friday Sept. 10 from 5-8PM, during a scheduled reception for the Origami Project sponsored by the Veterans Administration as part of their suicide prevention awareness programming or on Saturday from 6-9PM and Sunday from 1-3PM. The work will be on exhibit until the end of the year.

Borderland Artwork at the Braumart

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