Oil painting with Stephen Wysocki

Stephen Wysocki reference photo old car
Stephen Wysocki painting old car

This is an image I took with my camera with harsh shadows, which is something I like to paint. I love those very dark lines in my paintings its usually painted in with a purple paint. I later worked this up in my studio because currently its 15 degrees out. I wanted to talk about what to leave in and what to blur out. Those orange doors looked distracting so they disappeared and became a dark shadow. I had some brush on the far right side and decided to show the distance as blurred out brush along with a strong perspective. In the past year or so I started leaving more of my toned color on my canvas along the edges and sometimes little chunks in the middle, I use a Rose Madder oil paint for toning my canvas. This is a little 8×10 oil on Ramar canvas that took me less than an hour to finish. I used a palette knife on the highlight edges and a large Rosemary brand filbert brush.

– Stephen Wysocki

Stephen Wysocki This image is from a recent exhibit at Vagabond Creative Studio Gallery.

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