Oil painting with Stephen Wysocki

Lagoon at Big Bay Park 1

Laggon at Big Bay Park 2

I have a few galleries that I sell in that ask that I would paint a few local views. Here is a recent attempt at a local place on Madeline Island. I tried painting from a photo of mine called the “Lagoon” at Big Bay park. I started off by blocking in the dark shapes with a purple, blue and red mix against a Rose Red toned canvas. I was using a large brush with a lot of “fray” to it and I really got a neat effect. In the past I might have ruined this neat occurrence but lately I have been stopping my self from doing that as I did on this particular painting. I added some yellow and orange paint in the water and clouds and then stepped away.

– Stephen Wysocki

This was my reference photo that I used.
Lagoon at Big Bay Park reference photo

Stephen Wysocki
This image is from a recent exhibit at Vagabond Creative Studio Gallery.
Stephen Wysocki

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