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Borderland Arts members and friends of BA, I want to take a few moments to explain what we have been developing. I posted a bit of a teaser to Facebook, talking about something dynamic on the horizon – so here it is. Our overall plan is to have 3 to 5 Mini gallery spaces located within local business creating one large Multi locational Borderland Arts gallery. What we hope to achieve, beyond merely partnering galleries within each participating business, is a cross promotional venture among multiple businesses and gallery locations. We want patrons to feel comfortable shopping and moving between each location perhaps stopping to admire a mural or two along the way. For marketing and advertising purposes Borderland Arts intends to use the Borderlandarts.net website and produce a map. The map will consist of not only the Gallery Spaces located within these participating businesses, but also include the permanent local artwork in town such as our wonderful murals. Further the map will be added to as necessary to include future artistic creations, ones currently in the planning phases and art yet to be determined. This will evolve as we grow artistically so the true end state will be determined by our community and what we can create.

Our current gallery is in Greenway Books. Our host Jane and her daughter have been fantastic at helping us feel at home in their space, and it truly feels like a partnership. We’ve already begun to get the wheels turning to create fun events that will incorporate both the bookstore and gallery so stay tuned for more information. Our official grand opening will be announced soon.

I am pleased to announce our second location in the Borderland Arts family of Galleries. I expect to be set-up prior to Ladies Night Out and just in time for our “Grand Opening” at Greenway Books. Please help me welcome our new host Elizabeth Douglas and The Savage Mane Salon and Day Spa! I am excited to line up artists for this very cozy space so if you are reading this and want to participate let me know! I am looking for smaller framed items (8X10 to 11X14 ish in size) and perhaps jewelry makers or 3D artists that would feel at home here.

We have a third location already determined and it will be a fantastic addition to our tour of gallery spaces to be coming in the next few months so look forward to hearing more on that in the next few weeks as well.

Borderland Arts has always been about the promotion of art and this new concept is a continuation of one of our core goals. We want to be as interactive as we can be with our website and updating of what will become our downloadable map. All of this takes a great deal of effort on the part of our volunteers and we always welcome assistance and expertise that can teach us how to create a better product to share. Thank you for being such strong supporters of our group these past few years! If you have been watching from a distance, perhaps now is the time to join in on the fun.

Jeff Gurchinoff

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