Plein Air Painting Workshop with Stephen Wysocki

Plein Air Painting Workshop with Stephen Wysocki

Workshop / August 7-9

A great introductory class to the style and methodology of Plein Air painting. Stephen Wysocki will guide and instruct students about the supplies they will need and how to determine a good composition. He will demonstrate his approach to painting the rural landscape en plein air starting with a light drawing followed by a loose paint application.

With excellent information for the beginner, the instructional portion of this workshop will feature topics like with the benefits of toning a canvas, working values, edge control, finding your composition, proportions and refining and defining shapes.

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Check out more of Stephen’s work Here: Stephen Wysocki Fine Art Studio online


Stephen Wysocki is featured artist for April

Stephen Wysocki windy moonlight buffalo 30x24

Stephen, who lives in Armstrong Creek, WI, works at his family business, operating the Armstrong Creek Bison Ranch along with his father and brother.

“I love to paint and am always painting, even when I don’t have a brush in my hand, I can’t get away from it, it’s that simple. When I’m in my studio and run out of ideas I know it’s time to get out and do some Plein Air painting; then the subjects just appear.

I am always looking to create an atmosphere in my work. I believe color can stand alone to convey a mood in a piece of work. I like to explore an image by playing with the many warm and cool tones. Texturing the canvases enhances the temperament and aura of my work.”

Hudson Featured Artist- April
Stephen Wysocki
We will be giving away an original painting by Stephen Wysocki at the end of the month. Stop into our Hudson Gallery & enter to win & check out new work.
Watch Stephen paint the original we are giving away:
Saturday, April 22nd from 12-5pm
Hudson Gallery
512 2nd Street

Read more about Stephen’s work at Hudson Gallery  Here